The Point: The Babylon Bee: Satire and the Obvious

In a culture where up is down, reality is satire.

As someone with the spiritual gift of sarcasm, I’m a huge fan of good satire. And when it comes to piercing insights, style, and flat out humor, the Christian-themed Babylon Bee is the best of any satire source out there. It’s so good, in fact, that has felt the need to “fact check” its satire more than once…

But as I’ve noted more than a few times on Facebook and twitter, some of the Babylon Bee’s best satire is when it doesn’t exaggerate at all, but just observes reality. Like this headline which I shared over the weekend: “Culture in which all truth is relative suddenly concerned about fake news.”

Exactly. Did I miss the memo? Is a proudly postmodern culture now recommitted to truth?

It’s more than a bit strange to see all of the recent journalistic self-congratulations for “courageously standing for truth” by those who, just yesterday, promoted moral and cultural relativism. But in a culture where up is down and down is up, reality needs no parody.



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