The Point: The Worldview of Anti-Masculinity

Masculinity is psychologically harmful, says the APA.

If you needed further proof that worldview matters, look at the American Psychological Association’s new guidelines called “Psychological Practice with Boys and Men.”

The guidelines claim “traditional masculinity” is psychologically harmful to boys and men. But the APA defines “traditional masculinity,” as “anti-femininity” and “violence.” I don’t think so.

Even more revealing are the APA’s worldview assumptions. This report is a primer in the postmodern worldview. First, “heteronormative” behavior is bad. Second, gender is non-binary. Third, there are no objective standards of masculinity. In fact, the APA even encourages psychologists to help boys and men “create their own concepts of what it means to be male.”

The APA has denied any created norms of male or female. Masculinity is not just a social construct. To be male and female are to be creations of God as expressions of His image.

I have a lot more to say on BreakPoint about this worldview lesson provided by the APA. So come to to listen to the commentary.


APA issues first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys
  • Stephanie Pappas | | January 2019

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