The Point: Debating the “Christian Abortion Doctor”


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Willie Parker is a self-described “Christian abortion doctor” who gets a lot of love from the mainstream media.

He claims that a sermon by Martin Luther King on the Good Samaritan inspired him to begin his so called “ministry” of taking the lives of unborn children. The irony of using a story about the saving of a life to take lives is lost on Dr. Parker.

What’s also lost on is a firm grip on reality. He has claimed that first trimester babies don’t have distinct body parts and that life does not begin at conception. Both of which are false.

Mike Adams, a pro-life educator who writes at Townhall, has called out Dr. Parker for his misrepresentations so persistently that Dr. Parker has agreed to debate him.

And you can watch that debate, tonight at 7 Eastern thanks to my friends at Summit Ministries. Come to, click on “The Point,” and I will link you to the registration page. It’s must-see, and it’s free.


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