The Point: Against Both Foe and Traitor


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One of the Bible’s most surprising features is how frankly it describes the failures of its main characters. Judah is sexually immoral, Moses has a temper, David commits adultery and murder, and Peter denies Christ. Within the lifetimes of the Apostles, the Church is already a mess, filled with false teachers, heresy, sin, and infighting.

Through it all the Lord is faithful. He promises that no matter how bad it gets, He will preserve His Church.

Now with new reports of widespread sexual abuse coming out of America’s two largest communions, it’s tempting to despair. How can God use a Church so full of evil, hypocrisy, and exploitation? We would do well to remember the words of the beloved hymn, “The Church’s One Foundation:”

“Though there be those that hate her

And false sons in her pale

Against both foe and traitor

She ever shall prevail.”


Not because of our work, only because of His. Forgive us, Jesus. Save us. And come quickly.

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