The Point: Water out of Thin Air


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An Israeli company has developed a technology that sounds magical. Or I could say, “biblical…”

Watergen can produce water out of thin air. Seriously.

The technology draws in air, then purifies, cools, and condenses it into water. It can produce up to 5,000 liters or 1,300 gallons a day, using only a standard electrical supply, for about 8 cents a gallon.

The technology is already in use in Vietnam, India, and Brazil. It was even used in the U.S. after hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

As the president of Watergen told the Jerusalem Post, “Our main target is to save and improve people’s lives all around the world.”

Well, if someone is going to produce water out of thin air, it should be someone from the Holy Land. After all, the ancestors of Watergen’s owners were provided water from a rock. And they were told that one day the desert would bloom. Which it did.

After all that, pulling water out of thin air seems like just another miracle.

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