The Point: ‘Humane’ Begins with ‘Human’


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Preventing cruelty to animals is an admirable goal. In fact, William Wilberforce, the great British parliamentarian and Christian social activist, started a society for animal welfare. He believed, as Proverbs says, a good man is kind to all of God’s creatures.

But Wilberforce knew protecting human beings was much more important. And so he devoted his life to fighting against and eventually ending British slavery.

 Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, has different priorities. He signed a law to tighten penalties on animal abusers, which is great. In fact, some cases of animal abuse are now a felony. But just weeks ago, this same Governor supported a bill that would have relaxed restrictions on late-term abortion, and would leave even newborns vulnerable.

A public official who prioritizes the protection of animals and the extermination of children at the same time is a hypocrite of the highest order. Governor Northam’s concern for cats and dogs is great, but he’s not humane while humans are killed on his watch.


Pro-infanticide Virginia Gov. Northam signs law criminalizing animal cruelty
  • Calvin Freiburger | | April 9, 2019

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