The Point: Ohio Has a Heart for Life


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On Wednesday both the Ohio state House and Senate passed a bill that would make abortion illegal after the baby’s heartbeat is detected.

This is the second time Ohio passed the bill. In December, then Gov. John Kasich vetoed it, but one of the bill’s sponsors, Candice Keller, a former pro-life center director, specifically ran for her seat in order to re-introduce the bill. And current Gov. Mike DeWine has signed it.

When other states passed heartbeat bills, federal courts declared them unconstitutional. So what’s the point? Because, eventually, the Supreme Court will have to rule on one of the bills, which may trigger the Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This is why pro-abortion states like New York and Vermont are doubling down and removing all restrictions on abortion right up to, maybe even after, birth.

The battle for life is now in the states, folks. Local elections matter. So make sure your state legislatures know where you stand on life.


Ohio House, Senate pass ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban
  • Laura Hancock | | April 10, 2019

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