BP This Week: Overturning Roe a Heartbeat Away?

Plus: Silencing Pro-Life Women; Trans-Tyranny; Asia Bibi Free


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John Stonestreet and guest host Trevin Wax discuss the new Alabama abortion law and the strategies behind overturning Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court. As John points out, nothing is certain at the Supreme Court, so even with all the momentum behind the pro-life movement, now is not the time to “take our foot off the gas.”  And besides, our ultimate goal is not only to make abortion illegal, but also unthinkable.

They also discuss the attempt to silence pro-life women, whether through intimidation (like that displayed by Rep. Sims of Pennsylvania) or through bias in the media; why the supporters of the transgender movement must resort to intimidation to make their case; and the arrival of persecuted Christian Asia Bibi in Canada.


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