The Point: Farewell to a “Key Influencer”


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Occasionally, the spirit of the age is perfectly encapsulated by a headline. That happened following the death of “Grumpy Cat.”

You’ve probably seen a picture in a meme or social media post of the now deceased feline. Over the past six years, Grumpy Cat made its owner tens of millions of dollars.

Well, not anymore. A headline at MarketWatch told readers that “Grumpy Cat’s owner confronts the fact that pet life insurance is not designed for the influencers.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “influencer,” it refers to “an individual with the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of [their] authority, knowledge, position or relationship with [their] audience.”

The idea that a cat could be an “influencer” seems ridiculous, until you survey our cultural landscape and see how traditional ideas of “authority” and “knowledge” have been replaced by the cult of celebrity.

Celebrities are often people who know nothing much about anything, but they feel free to tell us what we should think and do. So why not a cat? Lord help us.

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