The Point: Mama Maggie: Our 2019 William Wilberforce Award Winner


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Today is the first day of the Colson Center’s annual Wilberforce Weekend. This year, an incredible lineup of speakers will help us answer a question many have about our faith: “Is Christianity still good for the world?”

If you’re not able to be there in person, you can sign up for the livestream at You’ll hear experts like John Lennox, Rick Warren, Jackie Hill-Perry, Jeremiah Johnston, Star Parker and more. You can register for free at

And the best answer we will offer to whether Christianity is good for the world is Mama Maggie. Tomorrow night, it will be my privilege to give the 2019 Wilberforce Award to someone known as the Coptic Mother Theresa.

After giving up a jet-setting lifestyle, Mama Maggie has devoted 30 years to bringing hope, help, and healing to the thousands of families living in Cairo’s garbage slums.

Again you can sign up to watch the livestream for free at

Download the MP3 audio here.

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