The Point: Ratio Christi Wins at University of Colorado


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Ratio Christi’s almost 200 chapters at colleges and universities nationwide exists to offer a reasonable case for Christianity to curious students. To do that, they must be led by those who actually share their core beliefs.

The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs—right here in my backyard—denied Ratio Christi that freedom. The school’s nondiscrimination policy required clubs to accept members and officers who don’t share the group’s beliefs. That’s like requiring a vegan club to accept a fur-draped carnivore as their president.

The Alliance Defending Freedom sued the university on behalf of Ratio Christi and they’ve reached a settlement. The school has changed its policy, paid all legal fees, and Ratio Christi can now exist as a Christian club.

This tells me two things: first, we need to support groups like ADF, which time and time again are winning legal fights for religious liberty. Second, the loss of religious liberty is only inevitable if we choose not to stand up for it.



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