The Point: Twitter Chastises Chase


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Whoever manages Chase Bank’s Twitter account decided to have a little fun and offer some sound money advice by tweeting an imaginary conversation between you and your bank account:

“Why is my balance so low”? You ask.

Your bank account answers: “Make coffee at home.” “Eat the food already in the fridge.” “You don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks.”

The point, of course, was to make fun of frivolous spending in a cute and harmless way.

So naturally, Twitter users were outraged, including Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren who called the tweet “tone-deaf,” pointing out that because Chase received bailouts during the Bush Administration they had no room to talk about financial responsibility.

Granted. But does that nullify good advice?—advice you’d read in Proverbs? Maybe Senator Warren and the Twitter mob are right about Chase’s hypocrisy, but when saving money is considered an offensive message, we’ve got bigger problems than our coffee bills.


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