The Point: Babies Are Bad for Business?


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A group of about 200 CEOs recently signed a letter published in the New York Times. You’ve likely heard of at least a few of the companies they represent: Ben and Jerry’s, Zoom, Yelp, Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group.

The headline of the article: “Don’t Ban Equality.”

Who’s trying to ban equality? According to the CEOs, anyone who opposes abortion. Perhaps you are wondering, as Rod Dreher put it, “Exactly how is abortion rights [about] ‘equality?’”

Using the best business jargon they could muster, these business leaders claim that anti-abortion laws “impair our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines.”

So, they say, pro-life laws are “bad for business.” Well, abortion is bad for small humans, and their moms and dads, and the culture that dehumanizes in the name of convenience and profit.

And for the record, isn’t eliminating your future customer base bad for business? It has been bad for social security. Or maybe, as someone pointed out on Twitter, these CEOs would rather pay for an abortion than for maternity leave.



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Woke Capitalism At Its Nastiest
  • Rod Dreher | The American Conservative | June 11, 2019

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