The Point: Gather at the Library. For Our Kids


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The next time you visit your local library to grab that spy thriller or that book on kitchen remodeling, you might encounter something, well, surprising. It’s a new trend in libraries across America called “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

The name says it all, but these are events in which men dressed in outlandish female attire read stories, usually LGBTQ-themed stories, to young children.

This phenomenon has the full endorsement of the American Library Association, by the way. And it may soon be coming to a library near you.

So what can you do? Alliance Defending Freedom has offered guidance. First, request equal access. Contact the library and request to schedule Bible story hour. If a library gives access to one viewpoint, they have to give access to the other.

Second, arrange an event where fellow citizens can voice concerns about the early and hyper-sexualization of our kids.

Of course, doing that would come at a cost. So be prepared. But remember, our kids are worth it.



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