The Point: IVF Gone Bad Down Under


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Each and every chapter of the sexual revolution has had its victims. Nearly all of them have been children. And here’s another example, this time from Down Under.

An Australian woman recently took her ex-wife to court, in order to destroy the 12 embryos conceived by the couple through in-vitro fertilization. Now of course, the two women couldn’t have conceived these children. In fact, the woman who wishes to destroy the embryos has no biological relation to them.

What gives her the right to end these human lives? Before undergoing IVF, the couple signed a form directing that the embryos be “discarded” should the couple ever break up.

Why invest so much time and money to create life, only to leave the door open for “discarding”—what a word—them?

This is a worldview lesson. We are a culture that “does” marriage, sex and parenting, having long ago rejected what marriage, sex, and parenting are for. Embrace bad ideas, and you get victims. In this case, twelve of them.



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