The Point: Oh Canada


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Canadians view themselves as generous people. And why not? We remember how they embraced thousands of stranded travelers after 9/11, and recently took in waves of Syrian refugees. Good on them, eh?

Still, when it comes to foreign aid, Canada ranks “well below the average spent by its peers in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.”

So Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is aiming to fix that. Unfortunately, what he’s proposing is death.

Recently, Trudeau pledged to raise global funding for “sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health” to a tune of $1.4 billion annually. Half of that will be spent on “sexual and reproductive health rights.”

As a spokesperson for Canada’s Campaign Life Coalition said, “Sexual and reproductive health rights is a euphemism for abortion on demand, sterilization, and radical sexual education.”

How shameful. It’s one thing to embrace death for your own citizens, like Canada has done recently. It’s another to pay to promote it around the world.



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