The Point: Religious Freedom for the Defenders of Freedom


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Once again, the Trump Administration is showing it takes religious freedom seriously.

Last week the Veterans Administration updated its policies to better ensure the religious freedom of military veterans and their families, specifically to “assure that religious displays and pastoral care remain accessible and protected from discrimination.”

As reported in WORLD magazine, the problem was that VA rules were applied inconsistently across the country. So, for example, a children’s choir was banned from singing Christmas carols at a VA facility in Georgia. A VA hospital in Dallas rejected Christmas cards made by kids because they had religious messages.

These updated policies should also help prevent lawsuits, like the one brought against the Northeast POW/MIA Network for displaying a WWII prisoner’s Bible as part of an exhibit at a VA facility in New Hampshire.

Good for the VA. It’s good to know that the Administration is committed to protecting religious liberty, especially of the men and women who risked their lives to defend it.


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Protecting veterans’ religious liberty
  • Rachel Lynn Aldrich
  • July 9, 2019

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