The Point: Boston Bars the Christian Flag


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Today, much of the fight for religious liberty is a fight for simply equal treatment. For example, as WORLD magazine recently reported, the city of Boston denied a group’s request to fly the Christian flag on a public pole for an hour, on Constitution Day.

There are different views on the idea of a Christian flag, but the point here is that this wasn’t just any flag pole. It’s a “public forum,” open to “all applicants.” Flags from foreign countries and the LGBT rainbow and transgender flags have flown there. But the city said “no” to the Christian flag, citing an unwritten policy against religious flags.

The Liberty Counsel has filed a lawsuit, and rightly so. It’s completely unjustifiable, and openly hostile to religion, to open a place for public expression representing any ideology, and then draw the line at Christianity. If a flagpole public forum is built for all flags to fly, the Christian flag should be allowed to fly too. What shouldn’t be allowed to fly is this kind of viewpoint discrimination.


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Open to (almost) all
  • Steve West
  • July 16, 2019

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