The Point: Christian in Name Only


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Earlier this month, the Daily Caller reported on Ebenezer Lutheran Church in San Francisco, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a denomination that has embraced teaching and practices that would make Martin Luther spin in his grave.

Even so, this congregation takes things to a whole new level, calling their Sunday service “The Liturgy of the Divine Feminine,” and using goddess imagery and rituals from around the world to worship…pretty much everyone but God. They sing hymns to Ishtar, Athena, and even Asherah…that’s right, the idol from the Old Testament.

About a century ago, Presbyterian theologian J. Gresham Machen wrote a book called “Christianity and Liberalism,” in which he argued that this sort of liberal religion may call itself Christianity but is something entirely different.

A church that has abandoned core tenets of the Christian faith, right down to the worship of the one, true God, is not a church anymore—it’s just a building where lost people pray to the gods they’ve made, not the One who made them.


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