The Point: “Christophobia”


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“Christophobia.”  That’s the word British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt says best describes the growing persecution of Christians around the world.

Hunt made the remark while presenting a new report showing that of all religious groups, Christians are, far and away, the most persecuted.

As reported in Crux Magazine, Anglican Bishop Philip Mounstephen commented, “If one minority is on the receiving end of 80 percent of religiously-motivated discrimination, it’s not just that they should receive so little attention.”

The report makes several recommendations to the British Government. Among them, calling for a UN resolution urging Middle Eastern and African countries to protect Christians and all religious minorities; seeking sanctions against serious persecutors; providing financial aid to persecuted Christians; and requiring religious literacy training for Foreign Office staff.

I’ve never liked playing the victim card, but in so many places, our brethren truly are victims. Naming the vice—Christophobia—is a good start.


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