The Point: Saintly Censorship


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A few days ago, a Massachusetts pro-lifer posted a quotation from a homily of Saint Augustine of Hippo on Facebook. The quote addressed our tendency to focus on the sins of others as an excuse for ignoring our own—a warning that Jesus Himself gave when He talked about logs and specks.

Facebook deleted the post, saying it violated the social media site’s community standards.

This Facebook user appealed the decision, assuming it was a computer mistake. But even after human review, the quote from church’s greatest theologian was still classified as hate speech—reportedly after multiple people, including two priests, posted it.

What exactly Facebook finds hateful in the very good advice to examine ourselves before accusing others is anyone’s guess. But, pro-life organizations like Live Action have been shut down on platforms like Instagram lately too, so it’s clear that social media is getting less and less friendly to Christianity in any form.

If Augustine’s mellowest words are setting off sensors, there’s no telling who’ll get censored next.


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