The Point: Who Needs Religion When You Got Crystals?


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“How Millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals.” That’s a recent headline in the L. A. Times.

The article’s author put it this way: “Spiritual practices appeal to the commitment-wary: You can get a little into crystals or astrology or tarot, or a lot into it . . . if it’s meaningful for you, keep it; if not, it’s not like you went through a full religious conversion.”

And here’s the quote that bothers me most: “Young people still seek the things that traditional organized religion may have provided for their parents or grandparents: religious beliefs, yes, but also a sense of community, guidance, purpose and meaning. But it can be hard for young people to find those things in their parents’ religions. So they’re looking elsewhere.”

Now, it’s hard to see how young people committed to low-commitment and personal autonomy will ever find true community anywhere, much less truth. But if our churches cannot provide Millennials with guidance, purpose, and meaning, we’ve got a big problem that crystals cannot heal.


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Magical thinking
  • Emily Belz
  • March 14, 2019

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