The Point: Who’s Guarding Our Rights?


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It’s a shame Christians have to “lawyer up” these days to defend our rights.

The latest case involves the Pennsylvania National Guard. When Trail Life USA, which is a specifically Christian outdoor adventure group for boys, requested a tour of the facility at Ft. Indiantown Gap, the National Guard said, “Sure.”

But imagine Trail Life’s surprise when the Guard cancelled the tour because Trail Life is a religious organization—one that, according to a spokesperson, restricts “membership to certain persons.” Army values and policy, he explained, “prevent discrimination against gender or sexual orientation.”

Well, First Liberty Institute and the Independence Law Center wrote the Guard, accusing it of viewpoint discrimination, since it allowed other civic and youth groups on site.

Apparently, because of the letter, the issue at hand got “to the appropriate level” (that’s Army-speak), and the Guard will now welcome Trail Life.

Christians don’t have to take discrimination sitting down. And thank God for those groups that will defend our rights.



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