The Point: Anti-Christian Violence in India


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It’s not just jihadists and Chinese Communists and the North Korean government. Hindu nationalists in India are persecuting Christians. Violently.

Last week, Asia News reported on a mob of young men who attacked the Rev. Raju Prasad after he entered a house to pray for a sick woman.  In another nearby district, a Pentecostal pastor was ordered by the police to suspend services. And in another, a Christian convert was hauled off to the police station, which was surrounded by a crowd chanting anti-Christian slogans. He was released under the cover of darkness and fled the village.

According to a spokesman for the Global Council of Indian Christians, “India is a secular state with constitutional guarantees for religious freedom. Nevertheless, even in the 21st century, insecurity, threats, intimidation and arrests mark the life of the Christian community.” According to Open Doors, in fact, “thousands” of violent attacks take place every year.

Please, pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. And please support organizations who support them.


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