The Point: Identity Issues on the Campaign


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More and more, members of the L’s, the G’s, the B’s, the T’s are finding they just don’t have that much in common with those other letters of the acronym. And when their interests or grievances conflict, look out!

Feminist lesbians are rightly upset about biological men competing as women in sports and taking advantage of programs designed for women, by identifying as transgender.

And now some L’s are also having problems with the G’s, specifically Mayor Pete Buttigieg. At first, Buttigieg received wide support from the LGBT community, as the nation’s first serious homosexual presidential candidate.

But many lesbians are just tired of coming in second to men. Former Houston mayor Anise Parker, a lesbian, told Politico: “…[women] are half the population. It’s time for a woman president.”

This leaves the L’s with a crisis of which identity matters more? Their homosexuality or their womanhood? It’s a real problem with identity politics: national interest and the common good always takes a back seat to personal privilege.


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Why some lesbians don’t want Pete Buttigieg to be president
  • Maggie Severns
  • Politico
  • August 27, 2019

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