The Point: Buttigieg’s Bible, and Our Sermons


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Last week, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, and Democratic presidential hopeful, attempted to use the Bible to justify abortion. It was his latest attempt to apply (or misapply) the Bible to cultural issues. He’s also invoked Scripture to support his party’s approach to poverty and suggest that Jesus would support gay marriage.

He’s outspoken about his liberal faith. Ok. But the fact that he gets so much mileage out of unbiblical one-liners proves what a mistake it is for pastors to avoid preaching on social issues.

Buttigieg is filling the void left when pastors only teach the Bible as a personal, private self-help book and refuse to apply it to cultural issues. And, he’s so nice… when Christianity is reduced to being nice, rather than understood as a complete view of life and the world, well, that makes his nice voice all the more believable.

Scripture speaks to the central issues facing our culture right now. Loudly. And so should we. Especially on Sunday morning.


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