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Last week the city council of Leander, Texas, said “No” to drag queen story hour at the local library.

I took it as a hopeful sign that concerned parents and citizens can push back against the hyper-sexualization and intentional confusing of kids.

And here are some more signs: a female high school track athlete in Connecticut filed a complaint with the Department of Education over that state’s policy allowing biological males to compete in girls’ sporting events.

In Iowa, female students walked out of high school to protest boys in their bathrooms. Said one student, “I believe if you have the male parts you go to the males’ bathroom and if you have the female parts you go to a ladies room.”

As my Tennessee buddy used to say: that ain’t rocket surgery.

And in England, girls at a secondary school in Sussex are protesting a gender-neutral “everybody wears trousers” uniform policy.

Apparently, we can push back. If you aren’t sure how, do what these folks did. Something.


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