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Earlier this week, the Colson Center launched a brand new set of video resources called, “What Would You Say?”

Think: short and shareable videos that answer the toughest questions Christians face in the culture.

The three videos released on Tuesday, which are getting a good bit of attention, answer the questions, “Doesn’t Love Make a Family?” “Is Sex Assigned at Birth?” and “Does Life Begin at Conception?”

New videos will be added each week at, and the “What Would You Say?” YouTube channel. You can subscribe to be notified each time a new video is released – which is each and every week. Upcoming videos will answer the questions, “Is atheism more rational than belief in God?” and “Does rape justify abortion?”

If you’ve ever faced a question about your faith that you struggled to answer, you’re not alone. But there are answers… and you can speak with clarity and conviction.

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