The Point: What Would You Say?


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Over the past few years, we’ve all watched our culture change at warp speed, which means that Christians are confronted with questions from every direction –media, skeptics, friends and neighbors, even from our own children and grandchildren. Too many of us have no idea what to think, much less what to say.

Here’s the good news: Good answers exist, but—here’s the bad news—they can be hard to find. Not anymore.

Starting today, the Colson Center is launching a brand-new series of short videos that answer the toughest questions Christians face. It’s called “What Would You Say.” Think short, understandable, trustworthy, useable, and shareable answers.

For example, when an abortion supporter says, “a fetus doesn’t have a right to a mom’s body,” well, what would you say?

These videos will equip you to answer our culture’s most imposing questions with clarity and confidence.  Come to to check out our first videos—and to subscribe.


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