The Point: A Protest for Children, French Style


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Protesters are common on the streets of Paris. On Sunday, nearly 100,000 people descended on the City of Lights in a protest organized by the “Protest for All” Movement and the Alliance for Catholic Families.

What were they protesting? A proposed law to give single women and lesbians the same access to fertility procedures as married women. Why? These protesters rightly think this new law would violate the rights of children.

Their signs contained slogans like: “Everyone is born from a man and woman,” “Papa + Mama, there’s nothing better for a child,” and my favorite, “Liberty, Equality, Paternity.”

As one pregnant mother told France 24, “It’s not normal. What worries me is that if we accept that a child doesn’t need to have a father in its life, then we create a society where children no longer have any benchmarks.”

Indeed. Children ought not be sacrificed to adult happiness. Children do best with a mom and a dad. C’est un fait. It’s a fact.


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