The Point: Jesus Walked Here


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Greetings from Israel, where I’m with my wife and ministry colleagues on a tour of Israel. Actually, it’s more of a pilgrimage.

We’re hitting all the major sites—Caesarea, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, and of course, the locations of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

I’m blown away that the God of the universe in human form, the Word who became flesh, stood here. What a crazy, mind-boggling concept! And what a reminder that Christianity isn’t a myth or a subjective religious experience.

When Christians say the Bible and our faith are true, we don’t mean that it’s true for us. It’s true whether you choose to accept or reject it. It’s true because two-thousand years ago, the Lord of life really did walk the soil of Israel, rewriting history and eternity on behalf of His people everywhere.

I’ll share more reflections on BreakPoint This Week about my time in Israel. Tune in by coming to the website, catching us on radio, or subscribing to the BreakPoint podcast.


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