The Point: Just a Clump of Cells?


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You’re in a conversation about abortion, and someone says an embryo isn’t a person. It’s just a collection of cells, so there’s nothing wrong with abortion at that stage. What would you say?

That’s the topic of our latest installment in the “What Would You Say?” video series—a resource to help you answer the tough questions you face in our culture with clarity and conviction.

So is the embryo a person? Here are a few things to remember.

First, personhood does not depend on abilities. Embryos can’t think or talk, but neither can someone under anesthetic or in a coma. Yet they are still people.

Second: Our personhood does not depend on our age. If we have to be old enough to do certain things before we are “persons,” do we lose our personhood once we are too old to do them?

Third: Our personhood comes from our shared human nature, regardless of our abilities, appearance, or age.

You can answer tough questions like this one—with clarity and conviction. Learn more here.


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What Would You Say? Video Series

Is an embryo a person? When does life begin?

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