The Point: Make the Case for Religious Freedom


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When a drunk and injured man tried to enter the Downtown Hope Center of Anchorage (AK), a shelter for homeless and abused women, the staff provided him a taxi to the hospital.

In response for that good deed, the city of Anchorage took legal action against the center for gender discrimination, because the man identified as a woman.

I’m happy to report the city has ended its lawsuit, thanks to the Alliance Defending Freedom convincing a Federal judge to back the Hope Center.

Of course, it should’ve been obvious that a man doesn’t belong in the living quarters of abused women. This is more a matter of common sense than religious freedom, but increasingly Christians may be forced to take the kind of stand the Hope Center did. And, we’ll have to make the case for religious freedom and why it matters.

The new book by Luke Goodrich “Free to Believe” can help us do just that. Come to to get your copy.


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Anchorage Ends Crusade Against Overnight Women's Shelter
  • Maureen Collins
  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • September 20, 2019

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