The Point: Religious Freedom


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In recent years, the Little Sisters of the Poor, Hobby Lobby, Jack Phillips, Trinity Lutheran Church, Brush and Nib, and videographers Carl and Angel Larson have all successfully defended their religious freedoms in court.

And now, a federal judge has ruled that InterVarsity’s lawsuit against Wayne State University can proceed. Wayne State refused to recognize IV as a campus group because they require leaders to hold Christian beliefs.

Two things are necessary if religious freedom is to have a future. First, like the folks I named, we have to be willing to stand for religious liberty. Second, we’ll have to learn to make the case for religious freedom and why it matters.

A new book by attorney Luke Goodrich, entitled “Free to Believe,” makes a thorough and reasoned case for religious freedom. Goodrich and the legal team at Becket have won four cases at the Supreme Court in recent years. “Free to Believe” lays out what all of us can do to articulate and bolster religious liberty. Come to to learn more.


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