The Point: Secularists with a Twist


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Many Christians are secularists with a twist.

If that opening line jolted you, it did me too. I was in college and a classmate of mine dropped that observation like a ton of bricks. It hurt because it’s true: Many Christians live lives indistinguishable from secularists.

Secularism is the default state of our culture. Its power is not in confronting and disproving Christian truth claims. Its power is in privatizing and dismissing Christian truth claims as if they were only personal, private preferences.

The only way to fight the influence of secularism in our own hearts and minds is intentionally. We need to recognize secularism wherever we find it. Which, in our culture, is everywhere.

That’s why our next Short Course is called “How Not to Be a Secularist.” I think it’s our most important one yet.

The course starts online tonight at 8 PM Eastern and runs the next three Tuesdays. If you have to miss a live session, all registrants get the video. Come to to register.


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