The Point: For the Sake of Our Daughters, Stay in the Arena


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I’m convinced that the “T” in the LGBTQ acronym now stands for “toxic masculinity.” What else can we call it when men use their power to dominate and oppress women, and take what they’ve long fought for?

Case in point: Last week the NCAA’s Big Sky Conference named a biological male as the female cross-country runner of the week.

As Christian business leader Mike Sharrow recently told me on the BreakPoint Podcast, people assume that “Surely, when it gets crazy things will self-correct.” But as Mike says, “’Surely’ has left the building.”

George Orwell was right to say that restating the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.

So, coaches, athletic directors, parents, it’s our duty to state the obvious: Biological males should not compete in women’s sports. I’m thankful that one Connecticut female athlete and the Alliance Defending Freedom are doing that by filing a complaint with the Department of Education.

“Surely” may have left the building, but we must stay in the arena.


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