The Point: Of Parents and Cell Phones


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We’ve all seen it: Mom, dad, two kids, at a restaurant, all face down in their cell phones. No interaction. Each of them alone, together.

According to a recent survey, the average time parents spend with their phones nearly equals the time they spend with their kids. In fact, 70 percent of parents say they are addicted to their phones.

And this is one area we can’t multi-task: If we’re checking messages while we play with our kids, they notice. And like any other parental behavior, they’ll soon imitate us.

So what should we do? We’ve got to create new habits, including “no phone” times, and “no phone” spaces – such as dinner, the bedroom, and at restaurants.

But go even further. Family time must be together time, not together alone time.

A new book, by my friends Jeremiah Callihan and David Eaton, is the best book I know on rebooting our phone use. It’s called “Smart Phone Sanity” and you can learn more about it here.


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