The Point: Phillip Johnson, Requiescat in Pace


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Phillip Johnson, the father of the Intelligent Design movement and author of the landmark book “Darwin on Trial,” died over the weekend at age 79.

At a time when questioning Darwinism was unthinkable in the larger academy, this Christian legal scholar “convinced many thinkers that neo-Darwinian evolution was buttressed more by a philosophy of naturalism than by the scientific evidence.”

He was a law professor—at Berkeley of all places! One of his great contributions—certainly to the thinking of Chuck Colson—was identifying the “modernist impasse,” that is, the need for societies to appeal to a higher moral standard in order to function, but ours being unable to do so because of our allegiance to Darwinism and materialism.

Today on the BreakPoint Podcast, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jay Richards discusses the important legacy of Phillip Johnson.

Rest in the peace of your Maker, Phillip Johnson.


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Remembering Phillip E. Johnson (1940-2019): The Man Who Lit the Match
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