Thank You, Allie

Living a Christian Life

Chuck Colson

A letter I received recently stopped me in my tracks. I want to share a part of it with you.

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I receive hundreds upon hundreds of letters every month, many from prisoners, many from BreakPoint listeners—from people I’ve touched or even a few people I’ve outraged.

There simply is not enough time in the day to read each and every letter. So I have to rely on my staff—many of whom have been with me for years—to get me the letters they know I need to see.

And one letter I received recently almost moved me to tears. Perhaps because this one, from a teenage girl named Allie, hit me right where I live. She summed up for me why I’ve devoted so much of my ministry to equipping the Church to learn, hold, and defend a robust Christian worldview—to be salt and light in the world. To be the Church.

Allie wrote me right after going through the Wide Angle worldview curriculum that Rick Warren and I produced. After duly noting that I was a “wise old person” (Oh my!), she wrote a beautiful and encouraging letter captured in one simple, beautiful sentence:

“I wanted to tell you that you’ve really inspired me to live a Christian life.”

Well—what more could I want to hear from a 16-year-old than those words? In fact, what else would any believer want to hear?

As I wrote back to Allie, I consider it a great reward to know that by God’s grace I’m leaving behind a spiritual deposit in the lives of those who will come after me.

And that’s why I am pouring my remaining years of ministry into a major new project, which I hope you’ve heard me speak about before on BreakPoint.

It’s called the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview™. You’ll find it on the Web at ColsonCenter.org.

In essence, the Colson Center is a vast, online library and learning center that will provide individual believers—clergy and laity alike—with Christian worldview tools, research, and support.

At ColsonCenter.org, you’ll find virtually all of my writings along with those of leading Christian thinkers throughout the ages, all organized by areas of interest to you—whether you want to know more about a Christian view of embryonic stem cells, media and culture, apologetics, government, you name it.

I’ve been so pleased that thousands have signed up to receive our newsletters and devotionals, and hundreds to participate in what we call the Christian Worldview Gym. At the Worldview Gym, you can register to receive personalized worldview training—complete with a personal trainer—who can help you process and apply the things you will be learning through directed spiritual exercises. You’ll also be able to join in live teleconferences on Scripture, contemporary issues, and engaging the culture.

The ColsonCenter.org also provides links to other Christian organizations that are working to renew the Church.

Most of all, I want Christians to know where the good resources are, in other ministries as well as ours.

And in the coming months, you will be able to participate in community forums and browse the biblical worldview bookstore, which is coming online soon.

I am so excited about this worldview center that you will certainly hear more about it as we continue to add new features to the site.

I’ve invited Allie to visit the site often, and I’ll invite you to do the same thing. Together, let’s inspire one other to live the Christian life. There’s nothing more needed in our society and our world today.

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Chuck Colson | BreakPoint Commentary | October 9, 2009