The Second Front

Reproductive Rights vs. Religious Liberty

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Do you know where the latest front is in the war on religious liberty? Try the bedroom.

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Chuck  Colson

For some time I have been warning you that the Obama administration has elevated so-called “gay rights” at the expense of religious liberty.

That may sound like an extreme statement, until you remember that Secretary of State Clinton has said “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.” And she and other officials repeatedly use the term “freedom of worship” (a private act) versus “freedom of religion,” (which the Constitution protects, which is the freedom to live out one’s faith in public).

Administration officials have also said that in a contest “between religious liberty and sexual liberty,” sexual liberty triumphs.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, seeing this trend, is predicting “a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions and to the detriment of both institutions.”

Friends, I wish I could tell you that gay rights were the only front in this threat to religious liberty. But as you know, the second front was opened up by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who decreed that, under ObamaCare, Catholic institutions will have to violate their religious beliefs and pay for contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs for their employees.

When Catholic leaders expressed outrage over this clear violation of the First Amendment, the administration hurriedly and unilaterally announced an “accommodation.” Well, Catholic leaders say the moral entanglement remains. And they are right.

Why on earth would the White House take such an extreme position? Let me give you an answer that has nothing to do with politics. Our ministry aims to help folks see today’s issues and trends through the lens of a thoroughly Christian worldview. We don’t advocate for or against specific candidates.

But we will point out the obvious: These recent events are consistent with the President’s own record and the record of many of his own advisers, when it comes to the sanctity of human life, at least when it is in conflict with sexual ethics.

Back when he was a state senator in Illinois, Mr. Obama voted against a law to rescue newborn infants who had survived botched abortions. On the campaign trail four years ago, he said he wouldn’t want to see either of his beautiful daughters “punished” with a baby if they made a mistake using contraceptives.

In one of his first acts as president, he rescinded the Mexico City policy, allowing federal dollars to go to organizations that promote abortion overseas, like Planned Parenthood. In the budget showdown with Republicans last summer, the president warned House Speaker John Boehner that he would allow the government to shut down rather than cut Planned Parenthood’s funding.  And now, of course, the right to a contraceptive is being advanced over religious liberty.

Again, the question is why? I think Catholic scholar George Weigel has put his finger on it: “What began as a movement to liberate sexuality from the constraints of moral reason, custom, and law,” Weigel says, “has become a movement determined to use the instruments of law to impose its deconstruction of human sexuality and its moral relativism on all of society.” I urge you to read Weigel’s piece.

Friends, this is a clash of worldviews. Whether it’s “gay rights” or “reproductive rights” the forces of secular liberalism are choosing sexual license over our religious liberty regarding human sexuality.

As Christians, we simply cannot go along.
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Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting
It took me a moment to see the basis for the thinking in this post, but I get it now and I think I can help you get it as well. 5 easy steps are required:

1. Do not read the first 15 words of the Bill of Rights.

2. Do form an opinion upon the first 15 words of the Bill of Rights.

3. Spread your opinion on the Bill of Rights far and wide--you should, because it is the Bill of Rights, the glorious basis of our freedoms.

4. Discard those who will not conform to your opinion. Those you cannot control enough easily to discard, ignore. Those who refuse to remain ignored, impeach. Those who evade impeachment, attack. Those who survive attack should be lovingly tolerated until they are assassinated by a proxy; the proxy should then be discarded.

5. Blame the media and don't tape yourself.

Texas - starting to look more and more like " a wh
Is it time to relocate??

Chuck of course knows how divisive this issue is among the populace. And there is a pretty strong geographic side to that fragmentation. Is Planned Parenthood thriving in Texas? I think NOT, thanks to some courageous folks who weren't scared by the federal government; here's an excerpt from a story at:


" With Texas’s refusal to bow to the Obama administration’s threats has come the closure of at least a dozen Planned Parenthood offices in the state, including one in Odessa, which does not perform abortions, but which refers to clinics that do. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council pointed out that “despite what Planned Parenthood says about segregated funds and the prohibitions on financing abortions, our tax dollars are what keeps these clinics afloat. Without them, Planned Parenthood withers on the vine"."

This is a huge prayer-worthy battle with the Administration; and it is nearing a March 14th showdown.
Sex and Religious Liberty
The very calculated plan of Secular Humanists to pull youth away from the values of their parents and Christ's Church (Christianity) has for a long time been rooted in the 'bedroom' (free sex agenda). Margaret Sanger was an early 'pioneer' and the one who probably did the most damage was Alfred Kinsey, whose goal was very simply stated..."Sex without any boundaries."

We are clearly seeing the destructive results of these goals, agendas and ideologies and they have been very effective in their carrying them out on nearly every level, including the churches, as well as achieving their desired results. Sexuality, apart from God's design and disciplines, is probably at the core of 75 - 90% of the ills in our culture and world today because it is right at the heart of who we are as human beings created in God's image for discipline (discipleship) in His Truth and Love and relationship/community (marriage, family, friends, etc.). The enemy knows very clearly (even if some in the camp don't see it at all due to their obvious blindness) that sexual license is created by a lack of self-discipline (go ahead and satisfy your selfish pleasures as you have every RIGHT to do so) which creates a lack of self-control, self-respect and, ultimately, self-worth (or love) which we MUST have for ourselves (knowing who we are in Christ) in order to be able to build any good and lasting relationships (Home, Church, Community, Govt, Nation - from the personal to the relational to the systemic/national/global). When the enemy destroys the boundaries (disciplines) related to sexuality, along with this are destroyed the purposes of sexuality (male, female, intimacy in marriage all are core parts of this being attacked and abused) and therefore destroys the foundation of society (marriage/family through conjugal relations) and the building blocks of Christ's Church (Paul stated in Eph. 5 that marriage was a 'mystery,' actually Greek word means it once was a mystery but no longer is, that in talking about and laying the foundations and guidelines for marital relations, he was, in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, talking about Christ and His Bride, the Church)!

Think about it, if the enemy can pervert and destroy sexual boundaries and their designed purpose then he can more easily destroy life (the act of sex between the two sexes, male and female is what God designed to bring about life) and the Church (because the oneness of marriage is to point to the oneness of Christ and His Bride) How far-reaching is that destruction?!? Just look around and you'll see it everywhere!!!

Thanks for all you do and God bless in Christ!