Beyonce and the Super Bowl

Guinea Pig Kids?

We talk about bullying, obesity, and guns. But when it comes to the greatest social experiment of our times, we don’t care about kids at all. I’ll explain next, on BreakPoint.

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John Stonestreet

Rachel Campos-Duffy, a blogger on the Today Show’s “Moms” site, described Monday how watching the Super Bowl like millions of other families turned into a “parenting challenge” when the halftime show began.

That’s putting the performance of Beyonce and her similarly half-dressed dancers mildly. The hyper-sensual show left Mrs. Campos-Duffy’s kids with a quizzical look on their faces. The eight-year-old simply said, “She looks weird.”

If only all our kids were so confused. But sadly, so many of them are thoroughly familiar with sexuality packaged as music and performance. As Campos-Duffy wryly observed, “I half-expected a stripper pole to pop out of the platform, which was actually staged to look like a peep show.” Well, the commercial for the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” that immediately followed half-time featured just that—a stripper-pole.

I mean, this was the Super Bowl, for cryin’ out loud. CBS and the NFL knew very well children and families would be watching. And what they gave America with this performance and many of the commercials was another chapter in the ongoing sexualization of American culture—and of our kids.

And honestly, Beyonce’s salacious performance was pretty tame compared with what we might have expected from other performers, and not just the female ones. This is what our culture throws at young people every single day. And despite calls to protect kids from nearly everything else, we pretend overt sexualization will magically have no consequences at all.

In the name of our sacred sexual appetites, it’s as if we no longer consider quaint concepts such as “public decency” or that some fare may not be “appropriate” for children.

This is not just an American problem, either. British Prime Minister David Cameron recently appointed a special adviser on the commercialization and sexualization of childhood after some horrific incidents involving the sexual pressuring of junior high-schoolers.

But it’s more than isolated incidents. This is an unfettered, out of control social experiment, and the guinea pigs are our children.

As Cole Moreton, a mother and columnist for The U.K. Telegraph said, “We need more research, the experts say. But to a dismayed parent, it seems like the horrific result of a massive experiment. Thanks to the Internet, our boys and girls are the first children to grow up with free, round-the-clock access to hardcore pornography.”

And they cannot handle it. Nor should we expect them to. It’s immoral. As my friend Tom Gilson wrote recently in an article on BreakPoint, ethics require informed consent from the subjects of social experimentation. But in our culture, adults—in the sacred name of absolute, unfettered “sexual freedom”—force young people, who have no say in the matter, to go along. For the life of me, I cannot see how it’s anything less than child abuse.

One church-run preschool in California recently shut its doors after parents discovered four- and five-year-old students performing sex acts on one another. Where do you think they learned this? Josh McDowell tells me that first exposure to pornography is now common for six- and seven-year- olds.

This is a social justice issue. And to the hipster Christian writers so concerned with social justice who celebrated Beyonce’s performance as “empowering women,” shame on you. Beyonce is unbelievably talented. But using sexuality for power is not a triumph for feminism. It only leads to the objectification and victimization of women, especially young ones. I will tell you that wives, watching their husbands watch Beyonce, weren’t empowered.

Parents, like it or not, this is our culture. Julie Hiramine, my recent guest on BreakPoint this Week, offered very helpful guidance from her book “Guardians of Purity.” Come to BreakPoint.org, click on this commentary. We’ll link you to the show and her book.

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Beyonce and the Super Bowl
This article hits the nail right on the head and it is not the only instance where public TV for families has been violated.

Take a look at the closing ceremony for the Olympics last summer. Jessie J was so scantily clad that you could see the outline of her genitals, both back and front.

Lots of families and children were watching and NBC kept showing her in all her glory and then the halftime Super Bowl show was a total disgrace. It was not music, but sex that was being shown.

God forgive this country and come again soon, PLEASE!
Get out of jail but ...
The answer to D. Thurman's last question is yes; that is exactly the context in which the president used the phrase "punished with a baby". He said he wanted abortion as the get-out-of-jail-free card to be available to his daughters in case they made a mistake, so they wouldn't be so punished. Of course, he didn't mention the fact that the card expires when we do; it cannot be used as a get-out-of-Hell-free card.
Furthermore ...
Should the Obama children be encouraged to accept Beyonce as a role model, will either of them one day wind up being "punished with a baby" for doing what such entertainment is suggestive of? How does one have different boxes for acceptable behavior for their children. Or is abortion the Get Out of Jail card, so it's OK?
And remember...this is the person who sang the national anthem at the presidential inauguration and who has received free endorsement from the First Lady. In addition, at a recent (2011) recognition weekend for the U.S. Presidential Scholar program (a supposedly prestigious program which purports to honor the top academic scholars in the nation under the auspices of the U.S. Dept. of Education and the Office of the President of the U.S.) one of the volunteer options for scholars was to engage in exercise/movement with Washington D.C. underprivileged children to a Beyonce video. I didn't know who she was but I checked it out before my daughter (a Presidential Scholar that year) took part in the program. I discovered Beyonce's soft porn look and actions and was at a loss as to why teenage Presidential Scholars and Washington D.C. children were being exposed to her "work." I don't know that the video used was comparable to the half-time show at the Super Bowl but that doesn't matter. A person whose image (just Google "Beyonce images") is one of soft porn shouldn't have her material presented and endorsed by the U.S. Dept. of Education and the Office of the President of the U.S.
Great read.

I debated on not watching the Superbowl this year not because I am not a football fan, but because I believed it was going to be atrocious in content.

What I saw was rather staggering, the most heartfelt and "cleanest" commercial was from a beer company. Other than that I believe we got to see a very real depiction of exactly what this country and her citizenry have come to love. Alcohol, smut, and irresponsibility. I have been reminded of a quote from the film Gladiator many times or late, "Are you not entertained?"

I believe this country's citizenry would rather be entertained than deal with the facts of reality. It is a sad state of affairs.

Sadder yet, the majority of the people I know had very little issues with the halftime show or the majority of the commercials.
Yes, child abuse!
Thank you for saying what needs to be said about the ramifications of exposing children (all of us, really) to a hyper-sexualized culture. It IS child abuse. We are reaping God-knows-what through future generations that become more and more desensitized to this evil.
We turned the halftime show off when she started to bump and grind. That was it for us. It's interesting because Beyonce claims to be a Christian and once famously said that she would not compromise her faith for the sake of her career. I find the growing disconnect between truth and actions abhorrent.