iPhone App Attack

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In the name of tolerance, gay-rights groups have convinced Apple to ban another Christian iPhone app.

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Chuck  Colson
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The greatest threat to religious liberty and free speech in the United States is on the attack again. I’m not talking about Islamic extremism or the New Atheists. No, as dangerous as these anti-Christian ideologies are to our freedoms, they take a back seat right now to the ruthless, methodical attacks by gay-rights groups on anyone who disagrees with them.

Let me explain. Last year, you’ll recall that we created an iPhone app for the Manhattan Declaration. The app would allow users to read, sign, and share the Manhattan Declaration and its defense of human life, traditional marriage, and religious freedom. Apple said the app was “free from objectionable material.”

But when a group that supports so-called “gay marriage” protested that the Declaration promoted “hate” and “homophobia” and was “anti-gay,” (which it wasn’t), Apple removed the app from its iPhone store.

Since then I’ve been warning you that the Manhattan Declaration was just the first target of gay-rights groups. Now they have another: Exodus International, a Christian ministry that aims to free people from homosexuality. Apple has now removed the Exodus International app from its app store.

A left-wing group called Change.org placed enormous pressure on Apple to discontinue the Exodus app. But before they even got to that stage, Change.org engaged in what I can only describe as a bare-knuckled smear campaign. Here’s what they said, and I quote: “Exodus’ message is hateful and bigoted. They ... use scare tactics, misinformation, stereotypes and distortions of LGBT life to recruit clients.” In case you are unfamiliar with this terminology, LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and “transgendered.”

Meanwhile, a reviewer called Exodus a “fanatical group.” Another said it was “as dangerous to Christianity as al-Qaeda is to Islam.” This kind of libel would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. It is as far from the charitable civic discourse we have all been encouraged to use as you can possibly imagine.

Clearly, Change.org and groups like it don’t care about that. They simply want to eradicate any speech that critiques their way of life, however gently and respectfully, and they will do or say almost anything to get their way -- all in the name of tolerance!

So now, in their eyes, and apparently also in Apple’s, not only is standing for traditional marriage verboten, so is helping people who no longer want to live a homosexual lifestyle. What’s their rallying cry now? “Once you’re gay, we’ll make you stay”?

Some may say that losing an iPhone app for Exodus International isn’t that big a deal -- just like it wasn’t a big deal when Apple banned the Manhattan Declaration app!

But it’s not just about apps. It’s about freedom of speech, the ability to participate in the marketplace of ideas. The gay-rights groups have shown their fangs. Victory in the courts or in the legislatures is not enough for them. They want to silence, yes, destroy those who don’t agree with their agenda. So they target Christian groups and corporate America to do just that.

The writing is on the wall, folks. For the sake of religious liberty and free speech, we must not remain silent. Not on this issue, or on any issue that would threaten free speech and freedom of religion.

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Contact Apple Inc: 408-996-1010

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Exodus International


Where were the Christians when it was time to support Apple and this App? You were not there any wonder why Apple Corp caved into pressure. Christians are good at making out like victims but fail support things they can fight for. Next time a pro Christian App appears make you voices heard by buying it. 14,900 people were against the App you are whining about. Surly there are more than 15,000 Christians that use Apple's App store and iTunes market place. Money talks whiners walk. Apple is in the business of making money. They listen to money. So talk with money. Apple will notice an increase in sales, they won'tm notice a boycott.
iphone apps exodus inter
It seems like the shoe is on the other foot. gay people have been attacked by heterosexual people for a long time. Some of the above posts show that the writers do not understand the nature of homosexuality. Sure, you are fine when you are on the reviving end, but when gay people respond in kind, you now have a taste of what it is like. I am glad that Apple removed the app. furthermore, the founding leaders of Exodus International have apologized for starting such an organization.

Over all, I tend to agree with much of what BreakPoint stands for. But when it comes to homosexuality, I strongly disagree with how the church has treated them, along with fundamentalists/evangelicals in general.
ITunes Apps
I read the excerpt of your article picked up by The Patriot Post and just wanted to share with you the thoughts that I expressed with Apple/iTunes and about 500+ in my network and they responded by asking me to share these on their feedback page with hopes it would stir some civil thought, Lord willing. Here are my thoughts to Apple/iTunes and thanks for all you do:

In light of your most recent censorship and attack on free speech regarding the
Exodus International app, I'd simply like to say that as an Apple Customer (at least for now), I'm very offended by many of the apps that are offered on
iTunes. Yet, I realize that freedom of speech and religion are 2 pillars of our
government and country and when they begin to crumble due to bullying and
pressure from special interest groups then we are beginning to lose our

Your choice to be bullied by those who only want their ideas and opinions
offered are leading us clearly down the path of lost freedoms and rights! In my
offense at many of the apps offered I don't try to bully and close down free
speech or religion, I simply choose not to purchase or avail myself of those
apps and I respect the freedoms and rights of those who do so even though I
don't agree with them. This is true tolerance and it is also supportive of our foundational rights.

Unfortunately Apple has chosen to join the real 'bullies' and shut down anything these people don't like or agree with and defend their choice by claiming that it offends a large group of people. This is the epitome of bullying and intolerance and Apple has become a central player in destroying our freedoms and rights, especially speech and religion, with your obtuse and subjective choices. I will continue to monitor and network with others about this situation and will decide whether or not to exercise my freedom to choose or not choose Apple and iTunes.

Thanks for your consideration of this very crucial issue.

Respectfully submitted

Greg Williams

End of comments to Apple/iTunes ---

Have a great day and God bless in Christ!

In His service

Greg Williams
The Family Foundation of Kentucky
Being Heard
Called the Apple main #. They sent me to a complaint specialist. They took down my complaint and created a complaint case number. Seems to be a more effective way to be heard than sending an email to Steve Jobs.
it's hard to keep criticising them while at the same time keep buying their products
competitors any better?
I've already written Steve Jobs and told him that I have decided against getting an iPhone. The question is: are Google (android) and other competitors any better on this stuff? It's hard to find anyone not sold out to the gay worldview.