A Price to Pay

We Dare not Chicken Out

Are you willing to pay the price for breaking the spiral of silence? That is not a hypothetical question. Stay tuned to BreakPoint.

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Eric Metaxas

If you’re even a semi-regular BreakPoint listener, you’ve no doubt heard Chuck Colson — and me — talk about “breaking the spiral of silence.”

We’ve warned about the dangers of remaining silent on critical issues even when our opinions are unpopular or counter-cultural — probably especially when they’re unpopular and counter-culutral.  Even when it appears that the argument is “settled,” that the public has “moved on,” and we’d better “get with the program.”

And we’ve pointed out that, sometimes, breaking the spiral of silence can come with a price.

Well, as you know by now, Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy told the Baptist Press recently that his family-owned company “operates on biblical principles” and therefore “supports the traditional family.”

He spoke out, and now he and Chick-fil-A are paying the price. Certain voices in the media and government are lashing out — and seeking, basically, to intimidate and bully Chick-fil-A, and anyone who shares their views, back into silence.

For example, an Alderman in Chicago is seeking to block Chick-fil-A from opening an already planned restaurant in the city. He has declared that Chick-fil-A’s position is “bigoted” and “homophobic” and that the company discriminates against homosexuals, which is just a crazy, baseless charge.

The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, however, is backing the Alderman, and he told CBS Chicago, “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values . . . And if you’re going to be a part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values.”

Really? So, all you Chicago churches and mosques and synagogues that do not share the mayor’s interpretation of “Chicago values” had better pack up and leave town.

The bottom line is that if you dare say you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman only, you run the real risk of being called a “homophobe,” a “bigot,” and a “hatemonger.” If you own a business and take such a stand, you may be targeted.

But my question to you now — and to myself — is: So what?

Do we or do we not have the courage of our convictions to defend marriage, to defend free speech, to defend freedom of religion? Do our freedoms, does our faith, matter to us more than the opinion of some others? Will we allow our reputations and our profits to suffer before we will allow our freedoms to erode?

Chuck warned us long ago that a free society can remain free only so long as dissent is tolerated, only so long as opinions and ideas can be debated freely in the public square.

Which is why, as Chuck would have said, the proponents of so-called gay “marriage” and sexual “freedom” are sawing off the branch they’re sitting on. By doing all they can to deny those who disagree with them access to the public square, by their intimidation tactics, and by their — sad to say, intolerance — they are helping to make this country, this society less free. And that hurts everybody.

Folks, we have no choice but to speak out. Not to lash out, but to speak out, winsomely but firmly. We must break the spiral of silence.

You know, Chuck’s final public appearance was at the Colson Center’s “Breaking the Spiral of Silence” conference. I was there; and we’ve got a great DVD for you or your church from that conference, featuring Joni Eareckson Tada, John Stonestreet, Timothy George, and others discussing how we, the Church, can and must break the spiral of silence. It’s available at BreakPoint.org. Click on this commentary, and we’ll link you to it.

Correction: In a previous commentary on the Chick-fil-A controversy we stated that Kraft food had produced a rainbow-colored Oreo in order to celebrate "diversity." Well, Kraft did, but only digitally. The image was featured in an advertisement. Thanks to several BreakPoint listeners who pointed this out to us.

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They're going a bit past 'speaking out'.
Chick-fil-A has spent several million dollars in contributions to anti-gay organisations, including ex-gay ministries (which have been repeatedly shown – and admitted even by their founders – to have rather poor success rates).

They are literally paying money to make gay people stop existing.

Please stop pretending this many people are just pitching a fit over 'speech'. We are not angry because one guy at Chick-fil-A says his religion disagrees with us. We are angry because Chick-fil-A is trying to wipe us out.

They're about a step below the pastor who suggested we be put in concentration camps, or the one who suggested gay-behaving children be beaten, or…
I sincerely hope when y'all say things like 'speaking the truth in love' you mean something besides this sort of nonsense.
What irony
The blatant hypocrisy of the militant homosexual movement (and the elitists who support them) is both appalling and nauseating. It wasn't that long ago that they protested against the epithets of "fag" and "queer" (and rightfully so). But now, when they are the ones hurling the invectives, it seems not only permissible, but acceptable as well. And, on top of that, elected officials such as the mayors of Boston and Chicago apparently are more enamored with earning approval from these loudmouthed whiners than in exercising respect for the conflicting views of their other constituents. This is nothing more than moral cowardice in the name of political expediency.
The mayor's value = Chicago's value???

His own value represents the value of the whole city???

Who in the world voted his value to be the value of the whole city?

Didn't people of Chicago voted him to be a temporary public servant to serve them?

How in the world can a servant's value rule the value of the whole city?

Who gave him the authority of doing such?

It's time the people of Chicago told the unruly mayor not to mess with the unauthorized duty of ruling with his value,

and to get back to the authorized position - a humble public servant, not a king value maker.
Hey Rahm ...
... so you know the values of every citizen of Chicago?! Here's a novel idea: Why don't you let the people of Chicago decide if they want a Chick-fil-A or not. When Chicagoans taste the delicious food, see the clean facility, see how their children love the play area, and are treated to some of the best, most courteous customer service they'll ever experience, I think Chicago just might welcome the addition of a Chick-fil-A or two to the city. If not, hey Dan Cathy, I'd love one built in my hometown!
Wake up Chicago!
I don't live in Chicago but I am keeping an eye on my local news to see if any elected person makes a statement like the mayor up there.

I do believe that their are several "mega-churches" in the Chicago area that need to make their voices heard. In Love we need to let people know that we care about our community and it is because of our Christian values that we promote good stable marriages. The Bible teaches sexual morality from the early chapters of Genesis to the late chapters of Revelation. You can not have Christianity with out Biblical sexual morality.

Mr. Metaxes is right, this is not the time to chicken out on what we believe and stand for. I think our culture will get worse before it gets better, but the time is now to take a stand.
I hope we don't . . .
I hope we don't chicken out in this case. It seems that when others talk, the opponents talk louder,and we can't seem to talk loud enough over them. I am afraid of Dan Cathy backing down, as others have on other issues.
I just wrote a new blog post this morning on the same subject at my blog, Free Gas For Your Think Tank (Steve Simms Blogs From Nashville). I spoke out this morning and it is a bit frightening, however, we must overcome our fears and speak the truth in love.
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