Pray for the Johns Day

Changing Lives on Super Bowl Sunday

Too often we Christians forget that our number one weapon to combat a major societal evil is prayer. I’ll explain, next on BreakPoint.

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Eric Metaxas

Quick: What’s the big event that’s happening this Sunday?

Chances are extremely good that the answer that popped into your head, without even having to think about it, was “the Super Bowl.” Whether you watch football or not, you probably know that America’s biggest and best-loved game takes place this weekend. There’s always so much hype surrounding the Super Bowl, it’s almost impossible not to know about it.

But here’s something that you might not know: Major sporting events like the Super Bowl tend to cause an increase in sex trafficking. It’s tragic, but true. As WANE.com in Indiana reported last year, “Girls as young as 12 to 14 are being shipped to Super Bowl host cities and sold as prostitutes to meet the demand for sex at the event. And it’s getting worse.”

Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children added, “The operators of these enterprises will use these kids as commodities, bring them to a community, and will literally sell them to people who are partying and having a good time and think there's nothing wrong with what they're doing.”

The magnitude of this horrific problem can seem so overwhelming that it makes us feel helpless. Is there anything that you can do to help save these kids? Well, yes, you can start with one very simple but very important action: prayer.

Super Bowl Sunday will mark the second annual Pray for the Johns Day. The event was created by Christian writer Anna Broadway, who has long been interested in the subjects of “relational brokenness” and human trafficking. It occurred to Anna that while many Christians are making laudable efforts to help trafficking victims, we haven’t paid much attention to the men who are paying for the sex.

But these men, she reminds us, are spiritually lost and in great need of prayer. That’s why she created Pray for the Johns Day. Anna says, “[We’re] praying that they would turn from the sin and the harm and the wrong that they’re doing, and repent of it. That their lives would transform and they would become the men God made them to be.”

That kind of transformation can be nothing but a blessing, not just for the men themselves, but for our entire society. Wherever there are men who think it’s okay to buy little girls for sex, that it’s all just a natural part of “partying and having a good time,” that’s the sign of a very sick culture. These men are mired in evil, and they’re destroying both their own lives and the lives of innocent victims.

The only thing that can possibly help them is repentance and restoration through Christ—which is why Anna’s idea is such a great one. And moving it to Super Bowl Sunday, when sex trafficking is at its height, was a particularly inspired touch.

So here are her three recommended steps: “(1) Pray for the johns before, during or after the game on Sunday, Feb. 3. (2) Encourage your church to pray for the johns during corporate worship that day. (3) Tell other friends about this event.” So come to BreakPoint.org, please click on this commentary, and we will link you to “Pray for the Johns Day” and a downloadable prayer guide.

I hope you’ll consider taking part in Pray for the Johns Day, and telling your friends about it. Prayer might seem like a small thing, but through it, you can help change even the darkest and most depraved lives. Again, come to BreakPoint.org, click on this commentary to get all the information.

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I have shared this with many on facebook. I went to several NFL pages & others, as well as some churches that I have liked their pages on here. I have been blocked from sharing because I have been reported as sending spam for 15 days. After the 15 days, if I share things considered spam again, my account will be deleted!!!! Imagine that!
I had never heard of all this either re: the Super Bowl. [I did not even know it was Super Bowl Sunday! I'm presently in Romania.]

And I just came to this Breakpoint email from Facebook where I had a huge 'surprise.' A friend is a missionary doc in Africa and I did a facebook search for a denomination with the country name. The first thing that came up was a Facebook page soliciting for prostitution in that African country.

This is something that needs to be exposed! If I ran into one such page in one search, how many others like this are there on this site with over a billion pages???

I saw no way to report it to fb, as if they care anyway.
Who are the Johns?
I didn’t know who the Johns are, so I had to look it up. I thought it was a family name. I’m glad I found out who the johns are—men who visit prostitutes.

I lead a men’s group that focuses on sexual purity, so the issue of men enslaved by sexual sin is important to me. The church could use more of these men’s groups (as well as groups for women). Perhaps some of you who read this could help start such a group in your own local church, even if it’s only by mentioning the need to a leader in your church.

He came to set the captives free, and He uses the prayers and actions of His people to do it.
a powerful, wonderful idea
I have never heard of "Pray for the Johns Day." What a powerful, wonderful idea!

Some prayers we see directly answered on this earth, but I am convinced as well that we may never know the power of some prayers until we reach heaven when we are privileged to hear the story of someone we really never knew, but we prayed for them, and that very day we will meet that new friend in heaven.