The 'Saturation Process'

Hooking Kids on Sex

What children learn early in life can -- for better or worse -- impact the remainder of their lives. Stay tuned to BreakPoint.

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Eric Metaxas

These days, those of us seeking to speak up for biblical values in the culture are being told to tone down our rhetoric. And I agree that often we do ourselves and the cause of Christ few favors when we use overheated language, when we exaggerate, or verbally beat up our opponents. Speaking the truth in love is always a good policy, especially in our highly polarized times.

But I can’t help but feel enraged—righteously, I hope—when children are made the guinea pigs in social experiments. And unfortunately that’s just what’s happening every day through groups such as Planned Parenthood. And it’s happening with federal tax dollars adding to not just the budget deficit, but to a kind of moral deficit.

For example, the Affordable Care Act includes the provision of $75 million annually to fund so-called comprehensive sex-education programs. These programs are designed to indoctrinate young people in the kind of relativistic morality that creates so many problems in families, businesses, and schools.

Daily_Commentary_4_17_13Take just one example. The federal Personal Responsibility Education Program, or PREP, has given $20 million to a coalition of six Planned Parenthood affiliates in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska. While the program claims that it teaches abstinence, it defines “abstinence” as avoiding activities that carry the risk of pregnancy or STDs. That is, abstinence has been redefined, at taxpayer expense, to mean something completely different from actual abstinence. And students are provided with cash incentives to encourage them to attend.

Paul Rondeau of the Washington Times is right when he says that these organizations are marketing “sex to our children in our schools under the guise of sex education, anti-bullying, diversity, and tolerance.” If they succeed in instilling their worldview, he adds, the children become their long-term customers looking for contraceptives, STD testing, and of course, abortions.

And this isn’t just his opinion. Last year the American Life League released a video called “Hooking Kids on Sex” that went viral before YouTube pulled it. The video showed how Planned Parenthood and other groups routinely encourage kids to experiment in ways that I will refrain from mentioning.

The video’s moderator, Michael Hichborn, said quite rightly that it’s the strategy of a drug dealer. “If a dirty old man showed these things to a ten year old in a park, he would be arrested,” Hichborn noted. “But when Planned Parenthood shows them to kids in a classroom, it gets Newsletter_Gen_180x180_Bgovernment money.”

And it’s been going on for quite some time despite criticism. In 2000, a state-funded workshop at Tufts University for young people from fourteen to twenty-one caused a controversy when one of the speakers endorsed a practice that is much too vulgar to name or describe here, but suffice it to say that it has nothing to do with reproduction. After a public outcry when this obscenity was discovered—and you have to wonder how many outrages go undetected—a conference sponsor, simply dismissed it as a “glitch.”

As much as we hope to graciously and confidently advocate for a Christian worldview in an increasingly secular West, we cannot paper over the daily battle for the minds, hearts, and bodies of our young people, often using our own money. It’s enough to make you mad—and maybe in cases like this one that’s a good thing, provided it’s tempered with compassion and prayer for those lost in the deadly morass of secularism.

Further Reading and Information

BP-Takeaction_41713The Saturation Process: Hooking Kids on Sex - Next Steps

Planned Parenthood is a subversive organization, and our tax dollars are supporting it. Besides being an abortion provider, PP is busily promoting sexual deviancy to children and teens. Sadly, many parents are ignorant of the depth to which PP has sunk. First, arm yourself with knowledge. The Youtube.com video that American Life League produced using PP’s own material, which Eric mentioned, is still available to view, but it is tough to watch and contains explicit material from PP products. Keep in mind that it’s also something to which your children might have been exposed.

Organizations like Family Research Council and American Center for Law and Justice are challenging this evil industry and the public policy which supports it. As Eric pointed out, PP is in the business of shaping the minds, hearts, and souls of our children. But you can expose their strategies and break the spiral of silence.


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@ Richard L
I'm simply suggesting we give them all the facts.

Sometimes I get the impression from some Christians (not necessarily you) that the reason they don't want to tell kids about ways to mitigate the risks are because they want them to be punished for their sin. Almost vindictive.

I'm a firm believer in honesty so I don't want to keep any info from these teenagers. They deserve the whole truth and all the facts, including what the various forms of protection are and how well they work.

-The Bechtloff
Either or?
The Bechtloff,

You make it sound like the only two alternatives are abstinence education done very badly (with mostly half-truths and lies as you describe it) or telling teenagers that we prefer abstinence, but if they would rather fornicate, go ahead and use condoms. We all know what that kind of message leads to: lots of teenage fornication.

Perhaps a more honest version of abstinence education would be preferable. Talk about the real-life consequences of promiscuity, without exaggerating the percentage of cases leading to pregnancy/disease due to condom failure, etc. Let's not forget to also give a realistic percentage of the cases of abandonment of the pregnant teen by her child's father, some of the real-life consequences of abortion, etc. If possible use actual cases, with the permission of the participants of course.
Sex Saturation rather than Sex Education
First of all, in response to 'The Bechtloff,' if 'he' really had studied the data and outcomes on any/all so-called 'safe sex' (condom/contraceptive promotion) education programs, 'he' would find that not one single one of these programs mitigate the risks (occasionally perhaps on an individual basis) but within 3 - 6 months, all the studies show that personal and especially the public risks (which makes every individual involved even more at risk) exponentially increase. So, telling youth that they can 'mitigate the risks' is a proven lie that Planned Parenthood and their cronies know all too well and profit from to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars (not to mention the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars they use to promote these lies and destroy our youth)! If you want a great article that exposes this check out this article from Mrs. Hollis on Townhall.com today with my comments to follow (very much in line with today's BreakPoint message - http://townhall.com/columnists/laurahollis/2013/04/15/the-cost-of-the-collective-message-to-our-children-n1567563/page/full/. My comments:
One of the best and most truthful articles on the real issue with most of our governmental and sociocultural ills today - 'sexual license' masqueraded as 'sexual freedom' through 'pornography' masqueraded as 'education!' If Planned Parenthood and their cohorts with the 'collectivist' mentality promoted their junk in any public arena other than our schools they would be immediately tried and found guilty of obscenity/ pornography. They've sold the lie to many 'progressive' politicians/so-called leaders and 'willing' conservatives that it's 'good' for our youth. The 'proof is in the pudding' (devastating results tell how 'free' this junk really is). Thanks, Mrs. Hollis, for being so bluntly and necessarily candid! Take notice and take action! END OF COMMENTS
Thanks to Mr. Metaxas as well for revealing the Truth about our tax dollars and their waste on the 'porn programs' of Planned Parenthood and their ilk in our schools that continue to destroy our children's lives and futures!
While I agree sex ed if often taught far too early I don't have a very high opinion of abstinence only sex ed most because I experienced it first hand. It was full of exagerations, half truths and out right lies. It was basically nothing more than the scare tactic of telling us all condoms almost never work, if you have sex you will get pregnat/die/it will fall off. Most kids seemed to completely ignore what was taught and when it did have an impact it was negative. I knew at least one guy who was active but didn't use condoms because they were "a waste of money that don't even work"

Can't we just tell teenagers the truth? That you're much better off waiting until marriage but if you must have it here are some ways to mitigate the risks.

-The Bechtloff