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Replacing Pagan Hermeneutics

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We’re used to the enemies of God’s Word mishandling the Bible. But a far worse problem is what its friends do. Stay tuned to BreakPoint!

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Eric Metaxas

Today we have more options for reading the Bible than ever before. While many of us still prefer our leather covers, ribbon markers, and gilded pages, the American Bible Society recently found that 41 percent of Americans read Scripture on the Internet. Twenty-nine percent say they search for Bible verses on their cell phones, and 17 percent say they use their Kindle or iPad.

Yet despite all this access, pollster George Gallup has dubbed the United States “a nation of biblical illiterates.” Time magazine says: “Only half of U.S. adults know the title of even one Gospel. Most can’t name the Bible’s first book. The trend extends even to Evangelicals.”

And even if we do have somewhat more “head knowledge” about the Bible, something is obviously seriously amiss. While marginally better than the rest of the culture, our rates of divorce are too high, and our rates of giving are too low, just to cite two examples. This is despite all we claim to Daily_Commentary_9_12_13believe about the Bible.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Then listen to Jewish scholar Abraham Heschel, who told Christians, “It has seemed puzzling to me how greatly attached to the Bible you seem to be and yet how much like pagans you handle it.”

Ouch! Handle the Bible like pagans—us? Well, I’m afraid Heschel is right. Because like pagans, we turn to religion—and, in our case, to Scripture—for what we get out of it. In this pagan hermeneutic, Scripture has become a collection of heart-warming stories or encouraging proverbs. We conveniently ignore the claims it makes on us, which is why so many of us live like pagans in our daily lives.

But there is good news, and that is I'm excited right now to tell you about a new DVD that will give you the tools to develop not a pagan hermeneutic, but a Christian hermeneutic. It’s called “He Has Spoken: The Worldview of Scripture” by my very dear friend and colleague, John Stonestreet, and also T. M. Moore, who for years served as Chuck Colson’s closest theological adviser.

“He Has Spoken” is a great teaching resource for you, your small group, your Sunday school class—even your whole church.

And here’s why. Because sometimes we throw around the term “worldview” on BreakPoint and sort of assume you know what it means. A worldview is a lens through which we view reality, and it helps us answer questions like, “Is there a God? “What makes for a meaningful life?” and so on.

Well, that’s pretty basic. But did you know that Scripture itself has a worldview? It does, and it’s incumbent upon those of us who say we love the Bible to understand what its worldview is and to adopt it for ourselves. And it’s much more than acquiring the right information. As the book of James says, “You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!”

“He Has Spoken: The Worldview of Scripture,” will not only give you the information you Newsletter_Gen_180x180_Bneed to align your worldview with God’s, it will help you to think more Christianly about every area of life so that you can live more like a Christian and less like a pagan!

Yes, there’s some work involved, but discarding our pagan hermeneutic is well worth the effort. And John will tell you more about that next week on BreakPoint.

So please, come to BreakPoint.org, click on this commentary, and get a copy of the powerful “He Has Spoken” DVD series.

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Further Reading and Information

BP-Takeaction_91213He Has Spoken: Replacing Pagan Hermeneutics - Next Steps

As Eric has suggested, we encourage you to purchase a copy of this powerful DVD series, "He Has Spoken." And why not get an extra copy for your church library? It's a great resource to strengthen your biblical literacy, both personally and church-wide.

You can take part in a contest to win a free copy of the series. Participate by leaving a comment, which automatically enters your name; go to our Facebook page; or tweet "Free Christian resource! RT to win He Has Spoken by @jbstonestreet and TM Moore from @ColsonCenter http://bit.ly/18PTXjY


He Has Spoken, DVD and study guide
John Stonestreet, T. M. Moore | Colson Center | September 2013


Internet Bible reading surges, now 4 in 10 read God's words digitally
Paul Bedard | Washington Examiner | September 4, 2013

The State of the Bible 2013: A Study of U. S. Adults
Barna Group for American Bible Society | 2013


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He Has Spoken
I too have studied and taught The Truth Project. After hearing John speak at a Biblical Worldview Conference, I would like to have another resource. Many Christians are too casual about correct interpretation of the Bible. This is much needed.
Knowing God
I think it comes down to having a real hunger for know Who God is by studying His word and through relationship - we have to ask the Holy Spirit to show us or it will never be clear. It is also the responsibility of those who walk closely with God to share and teach like you are doing here. Thank you for sharing the world view from a Christian's perspective.
He Has Spoken
I see in my city the cultivation of a biblical worldview through the Truth Project. I am excited to learn about He Has Spoken as an additional resource. It's critical that Christians learn how to recognize worldview in Scripture so that when we read, we are renewed in our thinking about the role of faith in every sphere of life. I am looking forward to reviewing this DVD and guide. Dr. Jill C. Thrift
He Has Spoken
I look forward to using the series at church/small group.
MTV society
Our MTV society doesn't really go in for the details and depth required for serious Bible study.

A while back, I started reading a section of the actual Bible to my kids at night, straight through. It's good for me as well.

I have been listening to Breakpoint for years and have taken my worldview cues from Chuck Colson. I now write for Examiner part-time and fave a Facebook page that I consider a Christian worldview ministry.

Part of the problem is that few people have even bothered to read the full Bible.

This baffles me. I became a Christian at 18. Before that, I did not even own a Bible. One of the very first things I did was read the whole Bible! I may not have understood many things at that time, but I did read it. I still read whole books of the Bible, not just snippets.

It leaves me stunned that people can be Christians for 10, 20 or years and have never bothered to read the entire NT, much less the OT.
There is a sad correlation between the Bible ignorance shown by a large demographic who professes to own/read one and the demographic that professes Christianity yet will support and endorse immorality. It all boils down to fear. Fear of being honest about their own ir-religiousness. Fear of being labeled intolerant. Fear of admitting ignorance when surveyed. Fear that God will rebuke me through His word. We must all repent of fear and instead trust God.
HE has spoken
Well said!
"and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of Power: that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God." (The Apostle Paul)
All Too True
It was scary how my atheist classmates could better quote scripture than most of the self-proclaimed Christians in New and Old Testament Overview. I was also appalled by the 'pick and choose' mentality that cropped up in difficult passages.

I completely agree! Christians need to repent of treating the Bible as if it were a pagan self-help book and think of the Bible as daily bread. We are a Church that needs discipline.

"Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed (Hebrews 12:12-13)."
Biblical worldview
I pray this will be a breakthrough for God 's power to be unleashed, and for the Church to be once more the great chariot with the "dull heresies sprawling and the Truth wildly reeling but ( pardon the Chesterton paraphrase!)
He Has Spoken
This sounds like a great study and resource. Just what so many people need, including my family and me.

Thank you for putting this together.
In Prison Seminars
Could this be used as a weekend seminar? We are PF volunteers and have one coming up in the max unit at the Federal Penitentiary and this sounds like it might be good if it could be done in 8 hours (over two days).
If only the entire Church felt this way. We need to turn to the Word of God to find Truth, and boldly proclaim that to our people! We cannot pander and coddle any longer. His Word is the only thing that will last forever.
Don't foget the kids!
I'm one of the teachers in our kids ministry, and the need for Bible literacy is made clear when many of our parents can't discuss the weekly lesson with their kids. It's not that they don't want to, they were never taught. We need good back to basics resources like this.
Explains A Lot
The church seems to limp more than run, and has nearly crippled itself into a self contained community rather than a mission minded outreach. Because we use the bible like ancient wisdom instead of the guide for life that it is. Most Christians don't have non-christian friends, because they are so caught up in legalism, they avoid sinners to avoid sin. Looking forward to getting this!!
He Has Spoken
Sounds like a resource I will be checking out.
A Timely Resource
Thank you for this commentary! It is painful to read such statistics about ourselves, a biblically illiterate people. God help us! And He will, if we will only bother to listen to what He has said to us. Going a step farther to memorize significant Scripture passages is even better. We may not always have access to our Bibles or our electronic devices when we really need to call upon that knowledge and encouragement.
He Has Spoken
"Odd, the way the less the Bible is read the more it is translated" -Some obscure fella named Clive Staples

Thanks for continuing to encourage correct reading AND application of Scripture!
He Has Spoken
In a society that honors self over soul, this could be a long drink of cool water for a thirsty spirit.
Great commentary. Reminds me of this quote by C.S. Lewis:

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
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