The Indictment of David Daleiden

The Culture of Death Shoots the Messenger

There’s finally an indictment relating to Planned Parenthood’s selling of body parts. So why are the forces of death celebrating?

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John Stonestreet

As you’ve probably heard, a grand jury in Houston, Texas, originally tasked with investigating Planned Parenthood’s possible involvement in the sale of fetal tissue and body parts, has decided to instead to shoot the messenger.

Well, not exactly “shoot,” but something almost as inappropriate. The Harris County grand jury indicted both David R. Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress, and his colleague Sandra Merritt, for “tampering with a government record.” Daleiden has also been charged with a misdemeanor related to the attempt to purchase human organs.

The first indictment is in connection with Daleiden’s and Merritt’s alleged use of fake California driver’s licenses to gain access to the various Planned Parenthood facilities. The second indictment is based on an email that Daleiden allegedly sent, offering to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood.

To put it very mildly, what happened in Houston was ironic. While Daleiden’s actions amount to a prima facie – the legal phrase meaning “at first glance” – violation of Texas law, no one believes he intended to buy fetal tissue. His and Merritt’s goal was to expose those who profit from this gruesome practice.

Daleiden and Merritt announced they will surrender themselves to Harris County authorities. From there, the prosecutor will decide whether to proceed with or drop the case.

Not surprisingly, the New York Times is calling the indictment a “vindication” of Planned Parenthood. It’s no such thing. Daleiden’s and Merritt’s possibly excessive zeal doesn’t make Planned Parenthood’s disregard for the sanctity and dignity of human life any less egregious or disgusting.Daily_Commentary_01_28_16

These indictments are best understood as the latest chapter in the long saga of our society’s commitment to rationalize the current abortion regime. This sort of thing happens in cultures of death.

In the aftermath of Roe v Wade, abortion proponents told us the fetus was merely a “clump of tissue.” Pleading agnostic as to when human life begins, their only certainty was that nothing human is killed by abortions.

That contention has been, of course, demolished by sonograms and pro-life efforts like “The Silent Scream.” The humanity of the fetus is no longer seriously in doubt.

So the strategy shifted to the “safe, legal and rare” phase. People like Naomi Wolf acknowledged that abortion involved the taking of a human life and that was, in some ways, a tragedy. But, Wolf and others argued, feeling bad about it was an unfortunate part of preserving the “necessary” option of abortion.

As incoherent as it sounds, pro-life forces found an opening there: regulating the time, place, and manner of abortions so as to minimize their number and make it safer for the women involved.

In response, abortion apologists became even more brazen. They now proudly depict abortion as a positive good. Case in point? The recent Washington Post headline: “I’m a successful lawyer and mother because I had an abortion.”

Even more brazen and, frankly, absurd are those who argue their aborted children would approve of the taking of their lives just as the author would have been okay had her mother aborted her.

This kind of argument only confirms Mother Theresa words that “it is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you my live as you wish.”

Now, presented with video evidence of the real cost to live as we wish, the response is to shoot – or at least indict – the messenger. The problem isn’t that the law being used to indict Daleiden is a bad one. It’s that only a culture of death would imagine using this law to indict one exposing how others are breaking it.

Living as we wish is our society’s highest value. It’s a poverty that is indicted, tried, and found guilty as charged in this whole Houston debacle.

And let’s remember: in the end, God is the ultimate, and righteous, judge—of David Daleiden and of Planned Parenthood.

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The Indictment of David Daleiden: The Culture of Death Shoots the Messenger

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Justifying Depravity - that is Hellish
Humans caught in depravity of abortion can only justify it by rationalizing their behavior with self-deceptions. Without those lies they could not live with themselves. In the Great Divorce C.S. Lewis wrote that people in hell (the gray town) felt they needed to keep moving farther and farther away from their neighbors because they were to despicable to live by. It was not their neighbors it was the depravity they hate in their own soul they want to move away from. Hell is hating who are and not wanting to do anything about it.
Indictment of David Daleiden
First, thanks for your continued bold commentary on issues I no longer hear discussed in church any longer. Hopefully, this wont be too long; I wrote it in my first book and pulled it because it was off-topic I decided. It pertained to Sandy Hook Elementary in 12/14/2012:

Before the national news media swarmed Sandy Hook Elementary School, Twitter was firing out tweets about the tragedy. I was off from work this beautiful December day and stayed tuned in, sharing the disbelief and shock with all Americans. From the moment I heard the details there were thoughts crossing my mind that had not occurred in any of the past shootings. Sandy Hook was somehow symbolic, significant, a sign. Only 17 days away from entering the year 2013, recognizing the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion, a young man killed 20 little kids on the 14th day of December. Oddly, the 14th Amendment’s right to privacy was extended to women seeking abortion exactly forty years ago.
Date: December 14
14th Amendment: gave a woman legal right to abortion.
First person killed: mother of killer
Victims: 20 innocent children
Roe v. Wade: Supreme Court decision, 1973
2013 is the 40 year anniversary of Roe v Wade
Supreme Court decided by 7 – 2 vote
Total killed in Sandy Hook Elementary incident: 27 (7-2 reversed) 20 kids, 6 teachers, Adam Lanza
Teachers killed: all women
Symbolism, although subjective, seemed to be flirting with the numbers. All school massacres have been carried out by youths – this killer of age 20, represented yet another act of terror by the most aborted generation in the USA, 1973 to 2012. By killing his mother first, then very small children along with all female teachers, all I could think about was his aborted generation making a deadly symbolic statement. It’s hauntingly possible that the killer’s generation has turned the gun on the generation complicit in destroying millions of his own. The forty year anniversary leaves 60 million abortions committed in the US. This was also the replacement generation for baby boomers. A new meaning to the label, “missing workforce”.