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BreakPoint: William Barr and His Detractors

Competing Visions for Religious Freedom and Our Life Together

In a 1798 address to the Massachusetts Militia, President John Adams said, “We have no Government armed with Power capable of contending with human Passions..Read more

BreakPoint: China’s War on the Bible

If You Can’t Ban It, Alter It

A recent article at WORLD Magazine reported how the Chinese-language app called “WeDevote” recently surpassed 10 million downloads. That number, as..Read more

BreakPoint: The Supreme Court to Decide on the Meaning of Words

Update from Tuesday’s Oral Arguments

At the heart of a pending Supreme Court decision, one of the most significant since Obergefell v. Hodges, is whether or not..Read more

BreakPoint: Toy Box Propaganda

Lies Too Dangerous to Ignore

Wise parents try to keep their kids from being influenced by the lies in our culture. That often means not..Read more

BreakPoint: InterVarsity and Religious Freedom Prevail

The University of Iowa Learns a Lesson

Back in February, federal judge Stephanie M. Rose ruled that the University of Iowa could not strip recognition from Business Leaders in..Read more