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BreakPoint: China’s War on the Bible

If You Can’t Ban It, Alter It

A recent article at WORLD Magazine reported how the Chinese-language app called “WeDevote” recently surpassed 10 million downloads. That number, as..Read more

BreakPoint: The Supreme Court to Decide on the Meaning of Words

Update from Tuesday’s Oral Arguments

At the heart of a pending Supreme Court decision, one of the most significant since Obergefell v. Hodges, is whether or not..Read more

BreakPoint: Toy Box Propaganda

Lies Too Dangerous to Ignore

Wise parents try to keep their kids from being influenced by the lies in our culture. That often means not..Read more

BreakPoint: InterVarsity and Religious Freedom Prevail

The University of Iowa Learns a Lesson

Back in February, federal judge Stephanie M. Rose ruled that the University of Iowa could not strip recognition from Business Leaders in..Read more

BreakPoint: “Free to Believe”

Why Religious Freedom Matters and What You Can do to Defend it.

There are reasons that religious freedom is called the “first freedom.” Of course, it’s listed first in the Bill of..Read more