James Tonkowich

Senior Fellow, Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation

D.Min. in Christian Spirituality, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary


At a “Skis & Skeptics” retreat during my junior year at prep school, I committed my life to Christ. “Now that you’re a Christian,” said my Christian friends, handing me a pile of books, “you’ll want to read these.”

The pile included C. S. Lewis, Francis Shaeffer, John Stott, J.I. Packer, and Os Guinness. “Is this what Christians do?” I asked.

“Yes,” they answered, "this is what Christians do." Not knowing anything else, I began reading, thinking, and writing.

As it turned out, their answer was more wishful thinking than fact. Nonetheless this was the genesis of my twin passion: the Christian Heart (spirituality) and the Christian Mind (worldview).

At Bates College in Maine, I majored in philosophy—Martin Heidegger in one hand, Francis Shaeffer in the other. I received my Master of Divinity and later my Doctor of Ministry in Christian Spirituality from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

I’ve worked in business, done youth ministry with FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities & Schools), and pastored a church in California’s Silicon Valley. For nearly five years I worked with Chuck Colson, managing BreakPoint radio, founding a magazine, writing, speaking, and developing curriculum including the Centurions Program.

I am currently Senior Fellow at The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation and continue to be associated with the Institute on Religion & Democracy—first as president and now as a scholar.

My speaking experience includes preaching, congressional testimony, lectures, small groups, and retreats. I have spoken and written extensively on prayer, work and vocation, Christian worldview, faith and politics, environmentalism, bioethics, human life, and religious liberty.

I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and we attend McLean Presbyterian Church in Northern Virginia.

Speaker Fee/Range:
Retreats (speaking 5-6 times) -- $2,500-5,000
Conferences (speaking 2-3 times) -- $2,000-5,000
Keynote $1,800-3,500
Note: These are obviously negotiable and depend in part on how many talks need to be developed.  Travel and lodging and any additional expenses (e.g.:printing) are not included in fees.

Select Speech Titles:
1. The Culture of the Church—Six parts: Space, Time, Language, Things, The Body, and Work
2. The Christian Mind: Yours, Mine, and Hours
3. Picking Up the Pieces: Building Blocks for a Christian Mind
4. Heaven is Not My Home: Work, Vocation, and the Second Coming
5. Religious Liberty in an Age of Toleration